4 Ways How Domestic Electricians Prevent Short Circuits

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Not everyone living in Cambridge is aware of the fact that short-circuits are one of the most common reasons for electrical accidents. It is capable of causing grave damages to your electrical system and burning down your house. Electrical short circuits generally occur when a high-volume electrical current is made to pass through a low-resistance path.

The easiest way to handle the situation is by hiring experienced domestic electricians. They will let you know the various preventative measures you can undertake to avoid short circuits in your home or office. In Cambridge, electrical services of every size should be undertaken by certified domestic electricians.

Few Tips By Domestic Electricians In Cambridge To Prevent Short Circuits

  • Avoid Using Electricity During Storms

A sudden lightning strike can lead to short circuits as an overwhelming amount of electricity will pass through the electrical system in your house. If you want to prevent any serious damage, reduce electrical usage during storms. Even if you can’t stop electrical usage completely, use only the necessities during a lightning storm.

  • Check Outlets Before Use

Check the electrical outlets in your house and you will notice a box filled with wires. Few of the common reasons why short circuits can occur are loose box connections, faulty wiring and aging outlets. This is why every domestic electrician in Cambridge always advises their clients to inspect an outlet properly before they start using it. If you notice sparks emitting from it or burn marks in it, replace the outlet immediately.

  • Use Appliance After Checking

It is not only about electrical outlets, you should also check the appliances before you plug them in the socket. Faulty wiring from the appliance can also lead to short circuits. Few warning signs indicating a faulty appliance are damaged wires, cords or casing issue, numerous cracks in the appliance or one with exposed circuitry.

  • Inspect The Electrical System Once Every Year

Hire a domestic electrician to inspect the electrical system in your house at least once every year. Routine electrical inspections will help in preventing short circuits. If the professional find any issue in the electrical system, they will also find a cost-effective solution to resolve it. Electrical inspections help in the maintenance of wiring, outlets and other parts of an electrical system.

Since a domestic electrician can prevent short circuits in so many ways, it’s time you start looking for someone certified in Cambridge.

Replace The Faulty Electrical Wiring Before It’s Too Late

Electrical Contractor in Cambridgeshire

The electrical wiring system in your home or office can become dangerous once they get damaged or outdated. Even a minor error in the system can lead to a hazardous electrical fire. If you don’t want the poorly installed or faulty electrical wiring to compromise your safety, identify them before it’s too late. Get in touch with experienced electrical contractors if you ever notice the warning signs indicating a faulty electrical wiring. Ignoring those signs is a strict no-no!

5 Common Signs Indicating A Faulty Electrical Wiring In Your House 

• Home Circuit Breaker Is Tripping Often

It is quite normal for the circuit breaker in your home to trip as they are specially designed to disconnect the power every time the system gets overloaded. Hire an electrical contractor to examine the electrical wiring in your home if you notice that it is tripping quite often. It is a warning sign indicating a potential and deeper problem.

• Flickering Or Buzzing Lights

If you think that the electrical wiring in your house is in a top condition just because the circuit breaker is not tripping, it’s high time you debunk the myth. A very common sign indicating a faulty wiring system is when the lights in your house starts flickering, buzzing or dimming. The easiest way to handle the issue is by giving the wiring system a professional upgrade.

• Frayed Wiring

Frayed or damaged wires are a very common sign indicating a faulty wiring system. Get the wires in your home replaced if you notice that rodents or pets have chewed them. This will help in preventing an electric shock or fire hazard. If you are not sure how serious the issue is, hire electrical contractors to assess the condition and they will let you know whether the wires require repair or replacement.

• Burning Smell

Though it is quite easy to smell the burning odour in your rooms, people often fail to track its source. Use your nose to sniff the electrical panel and the points of outlets. If you smell burning, odd or smoky odour, it is an indication sign of fire damage. Such being the situation, get in touch with an experienced electrical contractor in Cambridgeshire immediately to assess the condition of the wiring system in your house.

• Discoloured Outlet Points

The outlet points in your house are a vital part of the electrical system which people often neglect. Discoloured outlets or one with scorch marks is an indication sign that the damaged wires are trying to release heat through the outlets. Get the wiring system replaced before the heat damages your entire house.

Hire The Right Professional

Though there are numerous electrical contractors scattered all over Cambridgeshire, homeowners often have a tough time choosing the best among them. Negligence to hire the right professional during electrical emergencies can compromise the safety of your family members. The one you are hiring should be qualified and know how to carry out work to an exceptional standard.

Identifying Reliable Electricians In Cambridgeshire Is Now Easy

Electrical Contractor in Cambridgeshire

Every house has a lot of electrical work. If you ever have to repair some intricate wirework hidden behind walls, get in touch with experienced domestic electricians. The wires are not only responsible for powering your entire house but even appliances like toasters, computers, refrigerators and air conditioners. A fire hazard can occur anytime if one of the wires gets overheated. Since homeowners are not aware of the dangers of electricity, hire experienced electricians and prevent expensive electrical repairs.


4 Vital Qualities Of A Good Electrician In Cambridgeshire

  • Knowledgeable

An electrician should possess the technical knowledge required to deal with hazardous equipment and wires. Don’t get fooled by con electricians using big and semantic words just to project them as intelligent and knowledgeable. A majority of them lack the necessary technical understanding. Look for one who will try to make you understand the problem before providing the solution.


  • Well-Groomed

Every certified electrician undergoes extensive training where they learn the basic etiquettes and social gestures. No wonder, they are well-groomed and give friendly vibes. They try their level best to make their clients comfortable. Even their dressing attire is professional and never speaks in very loud voices. If the electrician you are planning to hire is too impatient and doesn’t appear friendly, it’s time you start looking for a well-groomed electrician.


  • Punctual

If your electrician in Cambridgeshire shows up on time and is punctual, you can stay assured of making a wise investment. A thoroughly trained professional will leave no stone unturned to reach appointments on time. They won’t use excuses to make up for missing an appointment or turning up late. Reliable professionals are aware of the importance of time and ensure that their clients don’t have to wait for too long.


  • Certified

Hire a licensed and certified electrician and you can stay assured that they possess the necessary licenses and insurances required to carry out the work. If the electrician you are planning to hire can’t produce a valid license, it’s time you start looking for a more reliable professional. Amateur professionals often use sweet words to overshadow their lack of certifications. Every licensed electrician has years of experience, undergone the necessary training and know how to work with dangerous appliances and wires.

Electrical Safety Tips By Electrical Contractors In Cambridgeshire

Electrical Contractor in Cambridgeshire

The importance of electricity can never be neglected. They help in keeping us warm and our rooms bright. If you love eating warm meals, even a day without electricity can become a nightmare. The easiest way to deal with electrical malfunctions is by hiring an experienced electrical contractor. They will assess the condition of the electric wiring and save you from injuries caused by electrical shock. The right professional might even share a few electrical safety tips to make your home and office safer.


5 Effective Electrical Safety Tips Everyone Should Follow


Identify And Replace Damaged Cords

If you want to make your property safer, make sure you don’t neglect the exposed wiring. Get in touch with a certified electrical contractor if you ever notice that the protective coating of a wire has stripped away. They will assess the condition of the damaged power cords. They might either suggest you replace the cords or cover them with electrical tape to make your home safer.

Avoid Overloading Outlets

Not everyone is aware of the fact that each outlet is specifically designed to deliver a specific amount of electricity. Plugging numerous devices into the same outlet can overload it and cause a fire or small explosion. Electrical contractors suggest their customers to use a power strip if they want to plug in numerous appliances. This will not only help you save energy but also accommodate your electrical needs safely.

Avoid Extension Cords

One of the main reasons why electrical contractors in Cambridgeshire suggest their customers to avoid using numerous extension cords is that residents can trip over the running cords. This can injure the person, damage the wire or rip out the cord from the wall. Hire an electrician to install new outlets throughout your house and you won’t require numerous extension cords.

Protect Children

Since small children and toddlers are very curious to explore everything around them, it is your responsibility to keep them protected from electrical hazards. If there is any unused electrical outlet in your house, put tamper-resistant safety caps on them. Tie up all the loose cords and put them somewhere your kids can’t reach easily. Remember to turn off and unplug all electrical appliances before going to sleep so that there is no live wire within the kid’s reach if he decides to wake up and play in the middle of the night.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and hire an experienced electrical contractor if you want to make your home and office a safe place.